"Jan's River Restaurant has the best catfish, just the way you want it!”

Chris Talkington


“The best cheeseburger. So cheesy and juicy!”

Laleh Karimian

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Jan's River Restaurant 



Welcome to
JAN'S RIVER restaurant!


Where you know you can find the best seafood, steak, and more the way you like it! Our made-from-scratch kitchen allows you to customize your order to your liking. From grilled to fried--you can find it here! Our region renowned American catfish is fried in transfat free, 100% all natural peanut oil. Jan's River Restaurant is also the perfect venue for your party! With 3 separate party rooms, Jan will be able to accommodate you and your guests.    


​​ Variety of Options

  menu entrees & all you can eat

​         ALL YOU CAN EAT catfish 

    meals starting at only $17.75!


100% Fresh American Catfish  

Fresh American Catfish

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